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Sunday, October,31,2010

Very hard day out there today. Windy and very rough, 30 knots of wind. The shallow water drops were completely shut off as the water was very dirty from all the wave action. Landed around a dozen keepers before calling a day. Try again tomorrow.

Saturday, October,30,2010

Another very solid day today. Stayed somewhat local with the high westerly winds today. Had a great day with Mike Tuna and his gang from the Sportmans Club from Queens. 23 anglers ended up with 60 nice keepers with plenty of plumpies in the mix. Big Mike worked his...

Friday, October,29,2010

Tog to 12.75 lbs today!! Had a fun day out there with the Jfish charter and friends. Weather was great all morning and we were able to put a nice catch together. Once the current turned and the wind kicked up action slowed. Hit a few wrecks on the way home and picked...

Thursday, October,28,2010

Another great day for sun tanning while tog fishing! Slow pick on a bunch of drops this morning. No great shakes. Ended the trip with a good drop and finished the day with 60 keepers. Pool was around 7.5lbs. Hopefully this front coming through the next few days will...

Monday, October,25,2010

Beautiful day out there today. Flat clam all day long and blackfishing in t-shirts! Picked away all day long. Nothing crazy but by days end 15 anglers finished up with 47 keepers up to 8.2 lbs. Capt James from the Rosie led the way with 13 keepers(orl) .