This week blackfishing ranged from excellent to just a pick. Fish were a little hard to figure out as to why they bite so well some days but not on others. And so it goes….

Nonetheless, even the slow days saw 20 plus fish with plenty of nice size fish in the mix.

Monday was the best day of the week with over 200 fish for 8 fares, over 50 of which were keepers. Great all around day.

Wednesday was also good with 65 keepers to 7 lbs.

Thursday was much slower but we still managed 24 keepers on the day.

Friday saw 15 nice keepers come up on the first drop before the weather really turned lousy and we called it a day.

Both Saturday and Sunday were cancelled due to the weather.

We will be blackfishing for hopefully another two weeks. Should be good this week coming up if you would like to join us. Thanks and see you soon.