Directions to Port Jefferson Marina

Our boat is located in:

The Port Jefferson Marina

West Broadway

Port Jefferson, NY 11777




From the East or West

Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 62 North (Nichols Road)

Take Nichols Road north all the way to the end

Make a right on 25A heading east. (Note: The turn onto 25A is located at the very end of Nichols where the road comes to a T. As you head up Nichols you will cross over a route “25” but this is not the road you want. Do not confuse route 25 with route 25A. Make sure you take Nichols all the way to the end until you can’t go any further and then make a right on 25A.)

Take 25A through the village of Setauket and into the village of Port Jefferson

(Approx 3 miles)

You will go down a steep hill and come to a traffic light. Go through the light and make a left into the Port Jefferson Town Marina about 200 yards up. The Village Hall will be on your right to help you find your turn.

Only a Note: If you reach a blinking red light and the Ferry boats, you have gone too far.We are located on the left hand (west) side of the Town parking lot. There are several Party Boats located there at the floating dock. We are the left hand side when you are facing the water. (west side ) There is a ramp near the flag pole on the left hand side of the marina that leads down to the floating dock. ( Near the brick Port Jefferson Marina building ) Walk down the ramp and you will be able to board the boats 🙂 PLEASE READ PARKING INFO BELOW!!!!


Parking Information

There are two options for parking

1)Park close to the boat in the Brookhaven Town Lot 

For non residents, there is a pay station near our ramp to pay for parking in Brookhaven parking lot near the boat.  Please follow the instructions at the pay station if you want to park close to the boat. ($5 per hour or $25 for the day)


2) Cheaper option – Park in the Village lots  (Only a 5 minute walk back to the boat)  

Parking out in the village is cheaper if you would prefer


Monday through Thursday – $1 per hour

Friday through Sunday – $1.50 per hour

Please ask the crew how to access the village lots if you wish to park there and save a few $.    



****If you are lost or running late, you can try calling us at 631-928-3926 and we will do our best to help you out.