We had a nice trip yesterday with the gang from Noreast.com. It was the annual 'Battle of the Sexes'. Im not sure who won, so to be politically correct I'll say it was a tie.
Special thanks goes out to the one and only Lucky Lindy who told us about his 'top secret' fluke spot. Thanks Lindy.
The first of the ebb saw a good catch of fluke as we finished the day with over 40 keepers. Danny Kuftak had the largest on the day with a 5 lber. Lindy was high hook retaining his limit of fluke.

Great day out there and a pleasure to fish with such a great crowd.

We didnt sail much on the day trips this past week, but the evening trips were very consistent right off the beach near Mt Misery and some nice fish are starting to show out on the shoal.

The good fluking should continue. We are sailing two trips daily now for Fluke.

7am and 4:30pm

This Tuesday is our guest celebrity day as the one and only Captain Neil Faulkner will be fishing with us. Should be fun.

Danny Kuftak