Just got back in from a fantastic night of fluking!

The day trip was a little slow for the first part of the trip. But Captain Chris located a big pile of fluke to end the day.

The last few drifts were excellent as one drift saw over 20 keepers alone. All is well that ends well.

We headed right back to the spot on our second trip and the action was excellent. Lots of fluke!!!

Some of the highlights included Kil Song with 7 keepers, the Veteran had 7 keepers including a double header and a 6 lb pool fish, Fishon13 finally got back on his game and led the way with 9 keepers. 5 year old Chris Bacalla had a 5 lber. My Mom even caught a few keepers! Just a great night.

FLuke are thick right now! Just give a call if you would like to join us.