Did not sail today with the lousy weather.

The conditions were terrible in the morning yesterday with 2-4 foot chop on B11. Miserable. We were forced to get out of the wind a bit so we headed to Smithtown bay.

uckily we were able to find a decent pick of fluke to hold us over until the wind laid down.

Early afternoon the sound finally calmed down and we were able to get back to good old B11, home to thousands of fluke recently.

Fluke were flying over the rails before we ran out of time and had to head home. The bite was on for sure and thankfully we were able to get in three great drifts before calling a trip.

The official count at the end of the trip was 92 keepers to 5lbs!! Not bad for a day that started in such miserable weather conditions.

There is room on all trips this weekend.

I guess everyone is holding out to make sure the weather clears up. But it looks like fine weather for the weekend. Just give a call if you want in on this amazing run of fluke!!