Middle Ground Madness has arrived in full effect!!

Today was an all out slaughter on the bass and blues.

We started the trip on a deep wreck for a decent pick of Jumbo scup. Largest scup measured an impressive 17 inches long!! The blues soon showed up and shut down the bite so we decided to switch over.

That is when the Bail began. All out mayhem ensued as all rods doubled over with blues and bass for the next three hours. Screams could be heard from miles away as helpless customers who had never been fishing before struggled with all their might to conquer the elusive striped bass and/or blue.

We even took a break at one point due to a mandatory mid slaughter cleansing of the boat. After the boat was clean and our customers rested, we proceeded to get the boat disgustingly bloody and nasty again within minutes as the fish continued to fly over the rails at a torrid pace. All parties involved easily limited out on blues to 13 lbs. Lots of short bass and some keepers as well.

The rip in the middle was loaded with bass and big blues for almost a mile stretch. The amount of anchovies and butterfish was incredible. It just doesn't get any better.

Also, yesterdays afternoon trip saw some great porgy fishing. These evening trips especially have been excellent for the Big Scup. Middle Grounds is again live and well!!!!

Trusty Mate Jon gaffing a big blue

Pile of Bass on the fish finder

Every rod was doubled over with fish at this point. The fish finder looked like this almost every drift.

Tom working a Big Blue

Ryan Hubner