It has been a very slow start to the season, but things are looking up! We began on April 20 and fished the next three days. The water temp was a chilling 40.7 degrees when we began and there was very little life on the wrecks.

Thankfully with the week of warm weather water temps have now risen into the high 40's and the blackfish are starting to stir. On account of the slow fishing we decided not to sail for a few days but we did fish yesterday and found a lot more life compared to the week prior. It wasn't great fishing by any means, but 6 fares did manage 7 keepers and 20 shorts which was a lot better than catching next to nothing like the week before.

Just getting started and the bite should continue to improve with these warmer temps. We are sailing everyday for blackfish. Plenty of room on all trips. Just give a call if you would like to join us.

Also if anyone is interested in setting up a blackfish charter for up to 4 guys on the Celtic Quest III, just let me know.