Very good fishing the past few days. Yesterday saw some great action on the jigs all morning long chasing numerous schools of surface blues. The pm trip saw a few good shots of fish but they were moving fast and more difficult to catch. Nonetheless, those who were willing to fish hard put together a good catch.

Today the jigging was very good to start the day right outside the harbor. Lots of cocktail blues were boiling outside the inlet and we had several good drifts to start the trip. Captain Bill then located some nice schools of bunker with big blues underneath them. 1st mate Tommy worked hard snagging the bunker for everyone. The fresh bunker was what the big blues wanted as we enjoyed a solid pick of very big blues for the rest of the trip.

Though we did not try bottom fishing today, the porgy fishing broke wide open the past few days at the middle. Lots of big jumbos have been caught in the rock piles. We will incorporate some of this fine bottom fishing into our trips when conditions are right to go along with the great diamond jigging.