We did not have any fares to sail today, but with such beautiful weather we decided to go on a crew trip to test a few of the blackfish drops for the upcoming season.

Fishing in near 90 degree temps in shorts and t-shirts…we are pleased to report that the blackfish were biting very well!!

Myself, Capt Chris, Capt Pete, and Capt Rich (SeaHag II) had 19 keeper blacks to 8lbs many of them caught on whole green crabs fishing the morning tide.

Our season starts Monday for blackfish and we are happy to see that they are biting. Now, it can always be a challenge for the first few weeks of the season and I dont want this report to be blown out of proportion….when the water is still warm sometimes they can get a little tough to find…..but all I can report is that they were biting well today and hopefully starting monday we will catch a mix of nice blacks and a few sea bass to go with the already solid porgy fishing.

The bottom fishing continues to be solid fishing mainly wrecks and rock piles which are holding a good number of big scup, blues and a few sea bass.

Capt Chris just reported in from the evening trip that they had a nice catch of big porgies fishing a wreck in 80 feet of water. On the night 6 fares tallied 70 scup to 2 lbs.

We are Sailing everyday on our wreck/bottom fishing trips for Porgies, sea bass, bluefish……and starting Monday……TOG!!!!!!