Well……opening day was a lot of fun but unfortunately the blacks decided to get lock jaw. We did manage 6 keepers with one which weighed in over 7 lbs but they just were not feeding aggressively like they were a few days ago.

We used our underwater camera on a few of the spots and you could see many big blacks just swimming by our baits uninterested for what ever reason. But they are down there and who know maybe tomorrow they might turn on again!

We did manage a bunch of porgies and a few sea bass and a keeper bass. The south rip at the middle had a decent amount of life to end the trip with a few drifts on the porgies. Capt Chris slayed the big blues and porgies there on yesterdays pm trip.

All I can say it that it was great to be black fishing even if it wasnt the best trip we ever had.
Try again tomorrow.