Excellent fishing today on our East End Fluke Special!!
We arrived on the last of the ebb and from the first drift you could tell there were a lot of fluke around. The shoal was loaded with sandeels, birds everywhere. The first 2 drifts wer good as a dozen big fluke were caught.

The current eased off around 9:30 and the next few hours we had very poor drifting conditions. Noentheless, we managed to pick away at the fluke through the slack.
Once the incoming started the bite really turned on again. They were really starting to snap good the last few drifts but unfortuantely we had to leave them biting to get home for our 4:30 trip.Finished the day with over 100 fluke, 50 were keepers, many of which weighed between 4-7 lbs! Quality fluke today! If we had good conditions it would have been even better!Highlights include John Briciana with 5 keepers , Matt Jenkins with 5 keepers, Rob Laurice with 5 keepers, and Ted Golja with 5 keepers and the pool (ORL!)