We sailed on our second east end fluke trip today! The trip started off very well during the morning tide as there was plenty of action with some real nice fluke in the mix. Bucktails were working quite well with green and pink the hot colors of the day.

Once that tide eased off it was a slow pick for the rest of the trip. 16 fares tallied around 100 fluke, 26 were keepers. Pool was caught by Chris which weighed around 7 lbs. Not quite as good as our first trip but still a good day.Looking forward to getting back there on Monday!Capt Dane ran the CQIII on a bass and fluke charter and had a great trip! Chunking was awesome on the first of the ebb this morning as they easily limited out on bass to 28 lbs on bunker. They switched over to fluke and landed a few nice keepers with lots of action to finish up the trip.

Last nights pm trip saw a pick of blues on the jigs up on the shoal. As the sun set we then switched over to porgies. Chumming up on the shoal produced very well as and nice catch of big scup rounded out the catch to go along with a beautiful sunset.Sailing three trips tomorrow and we head on down to the eastern grounds again on monday. Plenty of room if you would like to join us.