We sailed on our East End FLuke Special today. COnditions were excellent for a change as we had a nice drift for most of the day. We picked away at the fluke all trip mostly on bucktails. 16 fares plus Capt James and his brother from the Rosie finished the day with approximately 125 fluke, 26 which were keepers, plus 30 blues. Mr Chen won the pool with a 6 lbder. Capt James has been practicing a lot recently and was high hook with 20 fluke, 5 of which were keepers. (orl) Will post some pictures later.

Yesterdays am trip was very slow as the keeper fluke were hard to come by and the jigging was not much better.Luckily the pm trip as great though as it was one stop shopping all night! 600-800 porgies were caught, 250-300 of which were keepers.A great trip for all the families and kids!