Here is a report from Capt Neil who fished with us on Tuesday PM trip and posted this on

"Well, I sure had a fantastic evening fishing, catching and enjoying everything about the trip. Capt Chris put us over marauding blues, cocktails to bubbas! It was during this blitz that a fish picked up my jig as soon as I lifted it off the bottom. Knew I was in trouble when I saw the reel spool just about emptied, and fast! My trusty and proven MAXIMIZER #1 and Stradic 400 combination was gaining line back on the spool when under the boat the fish takes off again. I managed to get to the stern and realized the line might be caught under the stern. Line goes slack, Capt Paul comes from the other side of the boat and throws an ALBIE at my feet that weighed about 8-10 lbs. Holy Toledo!

After the tide and bite slowed down Capt Chris took us to a porgy spot. Right away 'pork chops" coming over the rail. I kept the biggest and my bride and I will have a tasty porgy dinner tomorrow.A beautiful night to be on the water with a beautiful sunset. Thank you Capts Chris and Paul! "

We did not sail on Monday nor the Am trip on Tuesday due to the weather. Fihsing is great now!!!
THe jigging has been all out! The porgies are very large and hungry.
Love this time of year!