Awesome black fishing today!!! We did not sail yesterday due to the weather. Today we sailed on an educational school trip during the morning. After the trip was over, Capt Paul said he would like to try his hand at black fishing as normally he only gets a chance to catch giant fluke on the south shore. So on the way home, Paul, Chris and I decided to make a quick drop.Well to say the least black fishing was awesome!!!

Paul, a very aggressive fisherman, snapped his rod on a big black, landed the fish and then proceeded to catch another dozen keepers with half a rod. It was quite a performance. The three of us easily managed our commercial limit and threw back some more (ORL) in no time. Red hot bite!!
Quality fish to 8 lbs!

Looks like this weather has got em stirred up and angry. Tomorrow looks beautiful. Plenty of room if you would like to join us!