Whacked the Big Fluke Today! Capt Chris put us on the meat! We sailed on our first East end Fluke Special. As we came up on the the first drop you could tell there had to be a ton a fish around. The area was lit up with bait, sandeels all over the place. From the first drift we were into the big Fluke!

12 fares plus 4 crew limited out in the first 2 and half hours and then released many big fluke for the rest of the trip. Easily had over 50 keepers today, only retaining our limit. Many big 5-9 lb fluke as well. Pool weighed in over 9 lbs. Several 7 plus. Lost the biggest double digit doormat of the day at boatside! Oh well. Multiple 6 plus pounders were released.

By days end it was lift em or loose em as Capt Chris and crew then turned their attention to preparing some fine cuisine which featured marinated Striped Bass, hot dogs, hamburgers, Flank steak, chocolate cake and a fruit and vegetable medley for all to enjoy!

Beautiful weather and drift conditions, great company, awesome fishing! With fluking like this we have decided added next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday June 9, 10 ,11. These are limited passenger trips. Please book online or give a call if you would like to join us!