Our PM trip, Jumbo Porgy Special was a BAIL JOB on the Porgies! All the kids had a ball as a full boat limit was caught in no time! Great night!!

The porgies are stacked up right now on the beach. The next few weeks usually is very good if you would like to get in on the action.

Here is a report written by Capt Neil was joined us on our evening trip:
What a fishing/catching trip! Right from the first stop large porgys were flying over the rail. This continued for most of the trip. Bottom line, 25 fares caught their limit. You did not have to measure the porgys. If there was any doubt it just was released.

The age of the fares covered 7 decades. My fishing partner was 3 year old Andrew. Helping each other we caught, caught, caught and caught some more porgys. What a blast. All the other young children were catching just like the adults. It was a "should have been here yesterday" trip.

This was lock and load catching! The best! Folks this is the kind of fishing/catching that works for young children and is also excellent table fare. Now is the time.
Great job keeping us on the porgys Capt Chris. Mates Tommy, John and Chris always right there when needed
Thanks guys for a memorable trip.
Capt Neil