Here is a report put up by one of our customers named John Viol:
Diane and i decided to hop aboard the Celtic Quest yesterday to take advantage of the fantastic Porgy/Blue and Bass fishing that they have been experiencing. We started off fishing for Porgy's. Conditions were less than ideal but Capt Chris kept at it, and despite the tough conditions Diane and i easily managed our Porgy limit, keeping only the largest of Porgy's and releasing a number of keepers as well.

Then it was off to the Bluefish/Bass grounds. The Blues and Bass did not want to cooperate at first. But by early afternoon they turned on big time. Again, Diane and i had an easy limit of Blues, and released 2 Bass that were just shy of 28". My Friend Bill and his 2 Grandsons (Mike and Joey) filled their cooler to overflowing with Blues. Joey even managed a nice keeper Bass which just missed taking the pool by mere ounces.

As always Mates Tommy and John were there whenever you needed them, and Capt. Chris went the extra mile to make sure everyone had a great day on the water. Today starts part #2 of the Fluke season, and Capt. Chris and Capt. Desi have the big Fluke dialed in so get out there, and catch yourself some east end jumbo Fluke.