Today we sailed on out east end trip. Absolutely amazing amount of fish around right now. We had over 100 fish in the first drift and by days end 15 anglers landed over 700 fluke the day! 20 were keepers with the pool close to 7 lbs. All this with a slack tide right in the middle of the trip and east wind against the outgoing which made for a lousy drift. John Viol was high hook with close to 100 fluke himself!

It is mind boggling to see how many fluke are in the sound right now. With an 18 inch limit 15 fares would have had over 200 keepers today, easy. I wish the scientists could do a few surveys in the sound right now just to see the incredible amount of fluke around. We will be sailing another east end trip on Thursday 7/23. Give a call if you would like to join us!