Truly amazing fluke fishing going on right now. Today 13 anglers caught hundreds and hundreds of fluke! 22 were keepers up to 7 lbs. Insane amount of fish right now! Sailing on our East End Trip tomorrow. Plenty of room if you want in on this awesome bite!

Here is a customer report from Chris "crabcake" that was posted on

This morning's trip was nothing short of phenomenal. Action from start to finish as Capt. Dane put us on the meat. I somehow managed 5 keepers (ROL) and I lost count of how many "jumbo" shorts I released. It was light tackle bucktail fishing at its finest. As always, the crew did a fabulous job! How I wish I could go on tomorrow's full day marathon!!
In NJ we would have had 100+ keepers for 13 patrons!! Unbelievable!!