Well, today started out really slow….but ended really well!!!!

The first drop the bite was way off with very dirty water and ripping current. We moved around a bit and put a few dozen porgies and a 25 sea bass in the boat. But the bite was way off from what it had been.

So we headed west back to the middle and did very well on the porgies. The last drop especially was lock and load and in two hours at the middle we put together a very respectable day with high hooks approaching their limit. Had we gone there first it would have been some day. highlight today was a nice keeper bass that won the pool caught by 6 year old kyle! congratulations kyle!

Here is a report from Artie the Veteran who was on the trip:

jumped on the cq this morning with my hailey, mommy, and uncle tommy. had a great day, nice weather great company. it started off a little slow but by the end of the trip i was close to my limit the three of us wound up with 60 to 70 pork chops nice size and half doz c-bass. it was pretty crowded today, thank God Tommy and Little Chris were around to say on top of the action, as well as re-rigging the poles for all of us a few times. My daughter Hailey met a nice new fishing buddy Kyle who is in some of these pictures. he wound up catching the pool fish, a nice 15 pound striped bass for a 6-year old boy – it was his first striper.

i don't know what was more fun – fishing on the CQ with Capt. Desi, or getting to hang out with my wife and one of our best friends, uncle Tommy, or watching the kids playing with the fish. it was really nice to have another father there, teaching his son as i teach my daughter the traditions of long island fishing. my double hats off today goes to Little Chris for breaking his ass every minute as well as cleaning tons of fish which were finished off at the dock. this is just a great family boat. it was great to see Mr. Desmond out there today. i like to shout out to my buddy ray who we missed today especially when we went to tara's for our usual few raymundos for the road.
keep 'em tight
the veteran

He is a report from Andrew "Blackfish King" who was also on the trip 9 20 09 PORGY TIME.

2 of my buddys and i were on this trip and let me tell you.. those kids were pretty funny. we were fishing the port stern and the little boy and girl were hysterical. they came to the back of the boat and were grabbing everyones fish and slamming them back into the pails.. then the little girl started to whip my buddy pete with some mono she found on the floor.. i got a kick out of that..anyway about fishing part of the trip..

we took a long ride and had a slow morning due to conditions and fish that didnt really want to bite. desi decided to head closer to home and that was a golden move.. the fish were hungry to say the least. the were bitting before the sinker hit the floor. i had my limit of porgys and made a little chum slick with some of the bait that was sitting out in the sun, then floated out a porgul with a bluefish hook for a few minutes before the trip was over…

next thing i know the little boy who was beating up everyones fish starts screaming and his father was calling for a net. he hooked a nice sized keeper bass. so the mate grabed a gaff and landed the bass. man was that kid happy.. ps we had a granny in on the boat and she was kicking the crap out of the porgys double header after double header.
very pleasant day to say the least.
2 more weeks and the togs are here… cant wait.