Gotta love fall fishing! Fishing has been great. Yesterday the porgie fishing was top notch as many had their limits. Last night the jigging was very good on the blues. Today's charter saw a few hundred nice porgies to start the day and then an all out BAIL jigging in the rip. Great fishing.

Here is a report from Freddy Azaiter who was on the boat yesterday:

Wow what a way to said good by to summer…I went to the CQ and the fishing was FAST AND FURIOUS…Capt. Chris took us for just 20 min. ride to a very productive spot… and the fish were hungry it was a massacre, I got 8 double header of Porgy's and keep only 35 big fish and release more that 30 also keepers …it was one of the most beautiful days this year and it was fun to fish with a bunch of funny guys..if you guys/girls want to have some of the fun just go fishing to Port Jeff in the CQ..great boat great Capts. and great mates…and I have to thanks God for so great day….Fredd