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Finally got a chance to get out to Montauk today and was lucky enough to get on the Celtic Quest 1AM cod trip. After a quick anchor fix at the dock, we were under way at 1:12 AM. Took a 2 hour steam and Captain Paul set the anchor at 3:14 AM. We had very calm seas for most of the trip.

As soon as our clam baits hit the bottom, we were into keeper cod. Fast and furious action from the time we got there till around 6:45 AM. I, along with 3 others in the bow had our limit before the sun reached the horizon. Lots of action with shorts as well.Most of the keepers were in the 23-25 inch range with a few going a little bigger.I also picked up 2 four foot silver eels during the morning bite on consecutive drops. I only reeled up 3 times in the pre-sunrise hours without a fish.

My biggest cod came in at 28 inches, 9 pounds, and I ended up with 11 keepers and 5 or 6 shorts, and lost a few.

After the pre-sunrise cod blitz, we tried lots of drifts with the jigs, but unfortunately, they just weren't turning on to the jigs for us today. We picked a cod here and there along with a few dogs, ocean pout, and eels.

At the end of the day I think we were like 5 fish shy of a boat limit for 16 people. Everyone went home with a nice bag of fillets today.
Another cool sight today was a huge Humpback whale that launched itself completely out of the water and then flapped its tail and it was gone.

All in all, it was a great trip to Montauk. The CQ IV is a beautiful, comfortable boat to fish, and the warm cabin was great in between drifts.I think high hook was 26 keepers!(orl)No huge ones today but the quantity made up for it.

Captain and crew worked hard for a very enjoyable trip. Hopefully this great cod bite continues and I can get back out for another trip or two this winter.