We had the noreast.com gang out for a day of codfishing. The morning bite was savage, where we put 220 keepers in the boat with just as many shorts. The mid day bite slowed down, but the cod began to bite their heads off once again in the early afternoon, which led to a full boat limit. High hook was 25 keepers ORL. As always it was a great time with the Noreast gang!!!

Here is a report from Propellar John who posted this on Noreast.com:

Capt. Paul put us on the meat today. there was a couple of hundred keepers by 8am for 35 of us noreast boys. and by the finish a full boat limit. i shuffled through over 50 cod myself with 15 chunky keepers (ORL). the cod were hard on the clam & i only saw one short caught on a jig. all fishing was at anchor. it was an awesome day with thanks to glenn ( CANYONFVR) and all the laughs and great food & beverage. met a bunch of great noreast bros.crew Tommy & Travis were on top of things. thank you. 2 thumbs up for Capt. Paul and the Celtic quest. Montauk's finest.

see you, CIAO, john.