INCREDIBLE today!!! FUll boat limit and many more (orl) by 7:45 am!!!! Lot of teen sized stuff, several in the twenties and even a few approaching 30 lb!!! Insane!!

Guys, this video and this report from one of our customers who was aboard today says it all! AMAZING!!
This morning myself and my buds Mark and Tom had just the most unbelievable lock and load cod fishing aboard the Celtic Quest. Desi put the hooks down once and we never had to move. At first light the fish bit well enough. If the bite stayed like it was then for the rest of the day it would have been good fishing leading to many limits. Instead, the fish very quickly got better and nice size cod began coming over the rails at a lock and load pace. By 8 am most had limits.

Then it happened…I cant find words to say how incredibly sick the bite was between 8am and 9am. It was literally hit bottom and lock up on a fish immediately! If you wanted a double header just wait a few seconds after you hook a fish before starting to crank. It was double headers at will. At 9 am my two fishing partners and I had easily caught over 75 to 80 cod. At 9am with the bite still insane. We pulled the hook and headed in with big smiles! We had lots of fish that were in the 15lb range and there were 5 or 6 fish on the boat that were in the 30lb range…monsters. tHE FISHING WAS SO INSANE …my buddy Mark snapped a rod trying to lift a fish and the guy next to him lost his rod over board trying to do the same. Celtic Quest Cod Chaos!!!… it was unbelievable.

Thanks for a great day Desi, Paul and Amanda!!!