Well, we are all done with our cod season and the Celtic Quest IV is now safely back in Port Jefferson! What an amazing cod season it was though. We saw some epic fishing for sure, certainly some of the finest local cod fishing our area has ever seen. It was great to work with some of the finest party and charter captains around and so encouraging to see so many boats working together out there. I know I speak for my crew when I say how grateful we feel to have been part of it all.

Not only did we have several huge runs of cod move through the areas south and southeast of block island, the bite lasted for nearly 3 months! Of course there were some very slow trips mixed in, just as fishing goes, but all in all the average trip saw very good to fantastic catches of cod. "Limiting out" was more the norm than the exception, and some of the trips saw some down right LUDICROUS fishing. It was a great shot in the arm for many boats who are trying their best to make it in a very difficult industry in hard times. Lets hope this fishery can continue for years to come!

We will resume sailing for Spring Blackfish on April 17. Our fluke season will begin on May 1 and our Porgie season around May 10.
Hope to see you then!