Very bad conditions today but we were able to put together a good catch. Lousy east wind, snotty conditions and outgoing tide against the wind is not your ideal situation when planning a great fluke trip. Nonetheless the gang from hung in there and we found a good body of fluke to work on late morning. Ended up with 150 fluke, 30 keepers to 6 lbs. Not a bad day at all!

Fluke are here!! Headed back out for another Eastend Special on Tuesday!

Last nights porgies bite was very slow!!! bite was off sound wide once that east wind came up. It happens. Everyone had a few for dinner but not what we hoped for. They are here though and will be hungry again real soon!

Saturdays East End Special started off very well with plenty of nice fluke coming over the rail. It died out and the bite really shut down midway through and was slow the rest of the day. 200 fluke, 15 keepers before it slowed down. Cant wait to get back down there on Tuesday! Here is a nice report from the Veteran which he posted on

"decided to jump on the CQ's 1st east end trip today with my wife and my little daughter Hailey. i would first like to state that if you have children, Capt. Chris makes an excellent Nanny 🙂 while you fish – i think he's ready for 1 LOL! everybody on the boat helped us out and Capt. John was just great today, single handedly doing all the deckwork and cleaning the fish. we got to the spot about an hour and 45 minutes – immediately, nice action! my wife was into a nice 6 1/2 pounder which turned out to be one of the pool fishes! i myself had 25 shorts and my limit. my wife had 15 shorts and yes, the One keeper – the Pool 🙂 after that, it was sporadic action here and there. when the tide died, Capt. Chris went the extra mile and looked for some piles of porkchops for us but after 3 drops, not even the porkchops were biting. had so much fun with everybody. it was nice to see a few of the regulars – phil, mr lee, mike and his son. my double hats off today goes to capt. jon for breaking his butt and doing a great job. can't wait to go again next week, especially now that capt. neil informed us that we're on on the May 30th trip 🙂 here's a few pictures from todays fun. God Bless and Keep 'em tight…the Veteran

and again, thanks to the entire CQ family. we missed you Desi! but everybody deserves a day off here and there… but don't start taking too many