Sailed on our East End Special today. Bite was little different today than during the week. The bait moved off the shoal a bit and the fish were hanging on the slope in a little deeper water. But nonetheless it was a steady pick all morning on the incoming tide. Worked the edge all day and put together a decent catch. The quality was excellent with several fish in the 5 lb class, 4 over 6lbs and 1 7lb pool winner. 175 fluke on the day, 32 keepers for 27 anglers. Lee was high hook with 18 fluke, 4 keepers (orl)

Capt Chris had a great day on the half day trips. Though fluking was slow, there was a huge pile of very large porgies on the slope where he was fluking. It was great fishing for all the kids and families with lots of jumbos coming up! Largest weighed in at over 3 lbs! The best porgie fishing of the year so far! Everyone went home with plenty of fish for dinner and most important the kids had a great time. Below are some pictures of the fishfinder showing the huge school of porgies frolicking on the bank!