First off and most importantly, let us all remember today about the tremendous sacrifice made for all of by our military, all our veterans and their families.

As we get to sit here and enjoy a days fishing where our biggest concern is that we have a bad drift with wind against tide or that god forbid fishing is a little slow on the day, thousands of brave men and woman have put their lives in harms way, living in constant danger and fear apart from their families so that we all may live in freedom.

To all our service men and woman, your families and our great veterans…THANK YOU!! we do not forget what you all have done for us!

Brief fishing report:
Excellent porgies on the am trip. very very good. some fluke.

mid trip: some porgies, not that good though, just a pick.

pm trip: very very good porgies. several over 3 lbs. a great night!!