A MASSIVE school of humpback porgies today that stretched over 1 mile long! YES you read the right!! I have been working on porgie boats for over 20 years and seen some amazing porgie fishing, but have never in my life have we ever seen a school of porgies that even comes close to what we fished on yesterday! The school was 10-20 feet high, 50 yards wide by 1 mile in length!!! Truly a site to behold! I cant even imagine how many fish were down there. literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of scup, many jumbo sized, even SUPER jumbo sized over 3 lbs!

This massive school was set up right along the bank of the shoal along the edge and stayed there the entire day. Just checked in with Capt Jared this morning and the school was still there. They made a quick drop on the way to the fluke grounds and limited out the entire boat in no time. Last nights trip was a complete BAILJOB as was the day trip. Amazing!