It was too windy this morning to head down east so we stayed local. And all is well that ends well!! Caught a ton of fluke all day long as 17 anglers had well over 300-350 fluke on the day. But the keepers were very hard to come by as we only had 10 or 12 by early afternoon…….

That is until we decided to try one last area where we had marked a nice big pile of bait on the ride out. The last drift was awesome! Quite possibly the best 15 minutes of the season so far as 20 keepers came over the rail and a good 70 shorts as well!!!

Mathew Konefal led the way with 5 keepers(orl) followed by the one and only Ed Sabatino who had and easy 30 fluke on the day with 4 keepers(orl) Lee Dimitriou, Bernie Reynolds, Bob Jung, Daniel White, even Ray Balchi all limited out!

What a way to end the day!