Fluking today was absolutely awesome!! 22 fares, over 700 fluke by noon time! 130 plus keepers!!(orl) tons of 5lbders, bunch of 6 lbders, a few 7's and the pool a 10.1 lb Slob!!

Left them in all out bail job because enough was enough. The bottom was paved with fish today. Every drift from beginning to end was a bail, even through the slack. We knew it was going to be good when on the first drift the fluke we caught were all being followed up by other fluke. many double headers today. I really dont what else to say about it.

Hit the porgies grounds on the way home and beat on the big porgies as well. A quick 15 minutes was all it took for a our limit of scup and headed for home.

Artie the Veteran was on fire today catching as easy 50 fluke, 12 keepers (orl) and the pool winner, his first ever double digit fluke! congrats artie on that! He is currently in the lead to win the beautiful custom rod built by ralph RODWINDER!

John Viol, the man generous enough to set this trip up for everyone (thank John!) also had a dozen keepers and 50 or more on the day (orl) Johns wife Diane had 9 keepers, Dan kuftak 9 keepers,

Ken Scott had a 7.8 lb beauty as Kevin Roletter a 7.5 lb flattie.

Savage fishing!! A day I wont soon forget!

Man Togilator, I cant believe you had to work today!! 🙂

Due to this insane body of fluke, we are changing all our trips next week to full day East End Specials leaving at 6 am returning approximately 3:30pm.
Porgie fishing on all trips yesterday was a Bail Job. Pm trip headed home early with a full boat limit in no time!