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Hit the Celtic Quest yesterday with my wife Diane and a few Friends. We were not going to let a little rain stand in the way of a Fluke dinner. On the way out to the Fluking grounds it started to rain fairly steady, but that did not dampen our spirits, and everyone was at the rail when Capt. Chris slowed down for the first drift of the day. We started off fishing on the slack tide.

However, even on the slack tide we were picking away at the local Fluke population. Within 45 min of making the frist drift, the rain stopped, and the fluke Turned on with the change of the tide. The Fluke fishing went from fantastic to simply stupid fishing.

Anyone who could fish a bucktail was catching Fluke as fast as they could hit the bottom. Capt. Chris joined us at the rail and landed too many Fluke to count, including at least 1 beautiful keeper in the 5+ lb range. When all was said and done we estimated that we had landed at least 600-650 Fluke. Remember, there were only 14 or so Fares on the Boat today.

I managed 5 Beautiful keepers (only retaining my limit of course). My wife Diane had her limit as well including a Beautiful 7lb class Pool fish. Capt. Chris was on his game as he always is, and Mates Christine and Tommy were always there for whatever you needed, and were kept extremely busy today, between netting Fluke, unhookong Fluke, replenishing bait supplies, and doing a beautiful job at the Fillet table.

These Guy's and Gal's certainly were "as they always are" on top of their game as well. Don't have any idea how long this insane Fluke fishing can possibly continue. Get out there while it's hot. You woun't be dissapointed.