The morning fluke bite was awesome this morning first two drifts on the last of the ebb. Tons of bait, birds diving, fluke flying over the rails.

It was shaping up to be some awesome day when sadly our trusty deckhand and friend to many here, young Kris aka fishfinder13, jumped to get a net off the roof, landed wrong and blew out his knee..

He was hurting very bad and we cut the trip short and headed home to get him to the hospital. Not sure of the prognosis yet, but it sucks for the poor guy as he will probably be out of work for quite some time during the peak season. Hope he heals up fast and feels better soon. If you can send him a few good words of encouragement when you get a chance guys. thanks.

The fluking is still very very good. We were able to get the charter back out for a few good hours locally and put a trip together. But the full day trips when conditions are right a down right silly.

Capt Jared found a huge pile of blues outside the harbor tonight and slayed em on jigs so that is heating up as well.