Crushed to Cod again today!!!! Easy boat limit by 8:30am!!!! Silly right now.

Here is a report Capt Jp wrote:
Worked deck on the CQ today and a light crowd enjoyed some of the best codfishing you could. Had a slow steady pick in the dark and once the sun rose up fishing was down right savage.

Some drifts were better than others with the last one being about as good as it could be, by the time you locked your reel up you had at least one on already, biting so aggressively that you didn't even have to move your jig.

Had our limit by about 8:30, on our way in at 10:00 after some catch and release. High hooks had around 30 or so keepers and lord knows how many shorts. Kilsong and The Jersey Boys(James, James, and Dave) leading the way