What a day again yesterday!

The morning bite at first light was on fire for the first few hours. Jigs, bait, it didnt matter. Everyone caught well. The bite slowed around 9am when the current eased. We looked around and found a few shots of cod on some pieces, putting a few dozen more keepers in the boat.

Kept searching and then found the Mother Load to end the trip!! Read a nice pile, got on em, and the first drift alone lasted 25 minutes, non stop bail all around the boat!! Silly fishing!! Made a few more quick drifts before calling it a day and heading home as everyone had all the fish they needed.

Highlight of the day was 7 year old Kyle, who had 12 keepers (orl) and then he helped us drive the boat home. 🙂 Way to go Kyle!!!

What a start to the season its been! Looks like Friday will be the next trip.