Awesome trip yesterday. Slow bite in the heavy snow and rain at night and an all out BAIL during the morning on the drift!! Savage fishing now!!! Here is a report from Rob( aka Togilator) that he posted on

Pulled out of dock at 8:37 PM Saturday night to start the long steam to the grounds southeast of Block Island. Had some interesting anchoring difficulties but we got set up quickly. As I walked out the door we were greeted with some heavy snow which turned to rain sometime in the middle of the night. The epic night bail job was a slow grind in some wet miserable conditions. Many stuck it out as the smart ones (not me) took a snooze in the cabin. Des and crew moved several times during the night with the last drop being quite productive. Capt.Paul through heavy chum all night long which aided in putting fish in the boat.

A good amount of Party and charter boats out there with many sitting on the hook and others drifting. Des decided to get in line and join the drift party after sun up. We again picked good but no bail job. Around 8:00 AM we had a strategy session and we talked of hitting a few wrecks. Captain Paul was now up at the helm as JC and Des talked, I proceeded to catch a two sets of keeper double headers and Des Thought what to do. Next drift the entire port side rods are bent quickly followed by the starboard side and we were not going anywhere other then back to the front of the drift line. You could here Pablo yelling from all aroud the boat, theres a man that enjoys fishing no matter what he catches. Veteran surf nerd Jaybass even tagged a limit but decided to only keep what he needed.My good buddy Josh (lijrtt) was allowed out and put on a show.

After about 2 hrs of sick fishing Des asked how many more drifts we wanted to make. At this point coolers were full and many people had called it quits with sore back and arms. We made one more last drift for good times sake, I think every rod was bent on that last drift, just sick fishing. Sometime around 10:00 AM we pulled out of the fleet and the bow ot the CQ was pointed towards home.I was a little worried when I saw Cris Hunt and fish sitting in the Captains chair, thought we might land in portugal.Captain Des was rite there doing the daily paper work.Went in the cabin to grab a few beers and there must of been 20 guys sleeping.I guess all them cod wore the charter out.Good to see everyone had smiles on there face and another trip was heading into the memory books.A great trip with plenty of good fisherman and a lot of laughs.Most fish today were 22 to 28 inches nothing big but plenty of them.Fresh shucked clam was the ticket but the fish were feeding on small hering and jigs did work also.

Many thanks to the Celtic Quest team Captain Desmond, Paul, Chris, JP and Tommy Thats some experianced azz kiken crew rite there.Also a big thankyou to Bernadette who takes all our phone calls and reservations.I can not forget our fearless leader,my good friend JC30967 who sets up these incredible trips and dosent mind driving the truck on the way home.We cant thank RALPH RODWINDER enough for his generosity of bulding 2 spectacular custom cod rods for the pool prizes.A true gentleman and incredible rod builder to say the least.

Fishing is as good as it gets now and with March here tommorow the end of the Block cod season will be coming soon.Get out now before its to late and give the CELTIC QUEST a shot,they will put you on the meat.They are some of the best in the business!!!!!