Wow what a week of weather! We didnt sail most of the week nor today. We did get out last night with 4 fares and fishing was slow. The water was very stirred up from all the wind this week. We marked a ton of porgies on the machine but just couldnt get to bite well. They are here though and now that things have finally settled down hopefully this week coming up will be much better!
Saturday, May 14, 2011

Had our first porgie charter today. Fishing was slow in the morning but capt Chris kept looking and found and very good bite of big scup to end the trip! Nice way to finish and a sign of good things to come! Last night we had a pick of scup and just startedt to get em going and then they shut off. It was a tease to say the least.

Fluking today was way off with the conditions. Caught around 50 fluke on the day with half dozen keepers, but all in all a very slow day. They just werent feeding the same and the bait had scattered up as well. It happens. Try again tomorrow