Had a fun day with Capt Neil and the gang on our full day Top Fluke Angler Contest/ extravaganza. Change of the tide and first of ebb was quite promising and but slowed an hour in then was a pick after the current really started pushing for the rest of the trip. Finished up with 250 fluke on the day, 180 were over 16 inches, and 22 were keepers. Several fish in the 4- 5 lb class and the pool 5.6 lbs.

Freddie azaiter has been on fire this year and won the Best FLuke Angler of the Trip with 14 fluke, 2 keepers, to go along with the 3 free trips he won last week for his 6 lbder. Also, we had another 6.8 lbder yesterday that won 3 free trips….oh soooooo close to winning that free season pass!!!! But it wasnt quite 7 lbs….Season Pass still up for the taking guys!!!!!

The morning half day started slow but Capt jared kept looking, found a nice pile of bait on one edge that had some good life on it. Put a bunch of keepers in the boat and lots of short action. The mid trip was slower.

The evening Porgie Bonanza trips have been just fine with lots of big scup coming over the rails.!!! As is common this time of year some of these fish have been up to 18 inches! Everyone is going home with a nice catch!!

The night Bass trips were slow with just a few keepers landed. But we will definitley be going agin on the next moon. stay tuned.

Finally the nice weather is here and the fishing is definitely looking up!!
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