Nice day out there today! 9 fares had 70 fluke keeping 7 up to 7.8 lbs! Also made an awesome drop on big porgies as well! The pm trip was cut short by thunderstorms.

Here is a nice report from Pete Billela who was out on the pm trip earlier in the week:
Headed out there with Capt. Neil for a late-day Scup-a-palooza on the CQ. We weren't disappointed, that's for sure!

With our own Capt. Paul at the helm we were quickly over prime porgy bottom and the silver was flying! Not your average South Shore "pounders" either. These are all big breeder-sized "bronto-porgies," some were so large that they had lost much of their bright silver look and were more of a dusky metallic grey.

What beautiful fish, so overlooked by so many. What a shame. . .

Anyway, ended up winning the $150 pool with a solid 3.5lb bruiser, and turned the entire winning over to Caroline the mate – who was covered in scales from head to toe at the cleaning table and to Capt. Jared, who was also working deck last evening.

Listen, though the limit has now gone to 10 fish per man, you will have ZERO regrets boarding a first-class operation like Desi's and coming home with a "mere" 10 of these mega-scup. Quite an impressive bag o'fillets mine made up to. . .

These trips depart at 4:45 p.m., the perfect time to take a break from the oppressive heat, cool off on the calm waters off Port Jeff, catch a super-nice pail of a very under-rated fighter and watch a magnificant sunset. Ain't gonna get any better, no matter where you fish or what you fish for.

I've loved porgy fishing since I was a little kid, but I have to say I have NEVER seen such outsized examples as are running right now off Port Jeff. Try to get out there asap, because once these big breeders move off, that's it folks, until late in the Fall. A tee-shirt, shorts and a pair of flip-flops are infinitely preferable fishing attire to what you'll need in October.

Geez, what hard fighting fish these big scup are. At 3lbs they pull like hell. A double of true 2+lbers will impress any inshore angler. Take that favorite fluke stick out there for these "Spring run" porgies and be prepared to be shocked how much harder they pull than like-sized flatties!

If scup ever got to 10lbs, we'd all be saying "What's a tog?"

With the fluking still not what it should be just about everywhere, why not take a ride to see Capt Desi and spend what I promise will be a super-enjoyable evening on the water?

Trust me on this! Wink

best, Lep