Another great day both fluke and porgie fishing!!

Jays Limited Load Noreast Charter saw continue excellent fluking yesterday!! 20 anglers had 900 fluke on the day, 50 keepers to 6.8 lbs!!!!
High hook was Bill reelcranky with over 60 fluke! The first part of the Ebb was some hot fishin!

Joe Crab man continued with his unprecedented and astonishing display of fluke angling skills. His streak rivals that of Dimaggios hit streak, Ripkens consecutive games, maybe even Nicholas' Majors, as he won his 3rd consecutive Ralph Rod WInder Rod for the largest fluke on the day! Amazing! 🙂 Joe had 50 fluke for the day with 5 keepers including the game winning 6.8 lbder to keep the streak alive!!

Bill(forgot his screen name) on the other hand was more reminiscient of the Pre 2000 Red Sox or the Buffalo Bills of the 90's as he finished second yet again for the 2nd consecutive trip losing to Joe and his unparrelled skill, or luck depending on who you talk to. Nonetheless Bill (forgot his screen name 🙂 put on quite a show as did Bill reel cranky as the two of the fished side by side to put in well over 100 fluke easy!

Dont know how long this will last….so dont wait too long to find out!!! Headed back again tomorrow on the Capt Neil Invitational Noreast Charter!

The Evening Porgie trips was on fire as well!! 10 anlgers slayed the scup as they have been hoarding up on the shoal every evening now. FUll boat limit in no time!!!