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Here is a nice article from newsday:

Kidsday: Gone fishing!

Published: November 28, 2011 1:21 PM


At the end of the school year, all of the fourth-graders at our school went to Port Jefferson Harbor for a fishing trip. We went on the boat Celtic Quest. On the boat they went to three different stations in the morning. At one station there was an activity book. Another station was called Fish Trivia, and at the last station, the mates taught us how to fish.

We caught so many fish! The biggest one was 15 pounds, and it was a striped bass. Some other fish were caught, and they were porgies and black sea bass. Some kids caught sea robins, but we threw them back. Someone even caught a small sand shark!

We fished for a while in the Port Jeff Harbor. Then the captain took us out to Long Island Sound, where the water was a little rougher. We caught some fish there, too. Two other classes went on a second day, and they caught even more fish than we did. They had better weather so they went further out into the Sound. After we fished, the mates were dredging and catching some creatures from the bottom of the Sound.

They caught hermit crabs, snails and spider crabs. It was fun to look at the creatures. One of the spider crabs even got out of the basket and was walking around. This was the best fishing trip ever!