We recently received this very kind letter. These are the letters that keep you going ! And way to go Capt Neil who makes the rods for us! see below:

Greetings Des,
On behalf of the SFC, I would like to thank you and your crew for another memorable fishing experience. Often times we see such fishing on T V yet never having an opportunity or belief that we can enjoy fishing at its finest. Through the Celtic Quests and your big heart, again thank you.

This annual fishing trip help bring our community together. It allows our youth, religious leaders and our senior citizens an opportunity to share life crimson staining experience, again thank you. Unfortunately, my reel broke on this trip and I was unable to feel the joy of catching more porgies until Mark said, commander I have a special rod and reel for you. Des, he handed me one of the rod and reels you had made specially for the Celtic Quest.

I have used many salt water reels from the Carolinas to Maine, yet the Celtic Quest Rod and Reel was bar none the best I have ever held in my hands. Catching fish was a pleasure and experience.

I would like to know where can I purchase a rod and reel set, the same as the ones you have for the Celtic Quest. Its like I have hooked onto the king of the rod and reels and I just cant get it off my mind. I would be appreciative if you could help me out. Again, on behalf of the Syracuse Fishing club, Thank you.


Commander, Dwight L. Hicks