Check out these awesome reviews and comments we received from some great customer's!!!!! Thanks Susan and Kelly for your kind words!!!

"I just wanted you to know that both the staff and the teens who went on the fishing trip on Tuesday, July 24th had a fabulous time! They are all still talking about it. The boat and the crew received great reviews and everyone who went had lots of fun. Despite the rain storm, they loved the time they spent on the Celtic Quest and were very excited about the double rainbows they saw and ALL the fish they caught! We have some terrific photos.

I just had a mother in here about an hour ago, who sent three of her children on the trip. She told me that her daughters said that they had never seen their brother smile as much as he did that day. They took some fish home and ate them that evening. Their father proclaimed that it was the tastiest fish he has had in a long time! I met the bus when they pulled into the library that evening and everyone, adults and kids alike, raved about their time on the Celtic Quest.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I look forward to booking fishing trips with you next summer. -Susan Tychnowicz, Head of Teen Services Sachem Public Library"

"I had such a great time last weekend, I went again this Sunday. It was an even better time. The two mates, Alex and Brian are absolutely amazing, kind, nice, sweet and polite. You are very lucky to have them. Again, I cannot tell you what an amazing time I had. I was lucky enough to catch 23 blues and I am still in pain today!

Thanks again for an amazing trip; I look forward to the next time. -Kelly Flannigan"