Who wants to win $25,000??

Well, this weekend the annual WICC Bluefish contest and first prize is a nice 25g's!! For the occasion we have added. two Special Gorilla Bluefish Chunking Specials for Friday night and Saturday night! Anyone registered in the contest can hop aboard and we will take you to where they have ben biting best! (fare doesnt include contest registration. That you have to do on your won at your local tackle store:)

The night chunking trips have been EXCELLENT with lots of big
blues coming over the rails. We have caught fish well into the teens this week. For these trips we will target some prime bottom structure that has been producing very large blues recently in hopes that one of you may just be the lucky winner! Visit our website or give a call for more details.

The bottom fishing was also very good today with plenty of porgies and some nice sea bass as well so its good to see the late summer action heating up! Hope to see you at the rail soon.