Our world has changed over the last two decades or so, and the children born within this time have rightfully been named “The Digital Generation”. With all the advancements in technology has come so many amazing things, breakthroughs medically, unimaginable inventions, and new ways to communicate and interact with others all over the world. Unfortunately, it has also brought some negatives, social withdrawal, lower motivation, depression, anxiety & fears. We see it most within the children of today. The fact that they can just turn on their phones, tablets and video games and connect with a whole online world is pretty amazing, but it can also be very isolating. How much information they are exposed to online can also be really overwhelming, whether good or bad. Compile that with school and everything going on in the world today and they really need some fun ways to relax, have fun and release all the pressures they face. 

Limiting time with electronics and connecting our children with the world around them has never been more important and necessary. We need to help our children put down the rectangular information devices and get back to the basics. One really great way to do this is party charter boat fishing! It’s really such a fun family and friend oriented outdoor activity. It not only gets kids OFF their electronics and out into the fresh air, but they also have an opportunity to meet new people, learn lifelong skills, gain confidence, release stress, and possibly pick up a healthy hobby for life! 

Fishing is one of those amazing activities that just brings people together. We have so many long-standing customers who are like family to us, and to each other. They have been coming out with us for so many years. People actually meet aboard our trips and become not only fishing buddies but true lifelong friends. Many bring their families aboard our boats and we get to watch their kids grow up! It’s so sweet to see the generations gather together; grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and the kids, all enjoying their cherished fishing traditions with us. From teaching the little ones how to fish to also reminiscing over the times when the parents were little and grandma and grandpa taught them how to fish on the same boats. It gives everyone in the family something to look forward to. The excitement of catching fish, countless priceless memories, possibly meeting and creating lifelong friendships, and of course a crowd favourite, bringing home dinner!  

For any of our readers looking for something new and exciting to share with their children, that isn’t related to staring at some sort of screen, we really hope you try fishing with us. You can give us a call anytime and we would love to go over what a day is like out on the Celtic Quest (631) 928-3926