It’s no secret the foundation of every great company is the people behind it. They dedicate their time and energy to its success each and every day. An open, friendly, rewarding work environment brings happiness amongst employees, encourages loyalty, promotes the company’s future success, and it sets the stage for one of the most important parts of a company’s longevity, team building. 

Investing in team building is one of the most important things you can do for your company. It builds trust, invites communication, reduces conflict, and increases morale. 

Successful team building leads to great company culture with more involved employees. If done correctly, it can really make for an enjoyable and adventurous respite away from the office and corporate world.

There are many different venues you can book to coordinate a team building event. The usual company picnic, the more refined brunch, lunch or dinner at a fancy establishment, even a golf outing with complimentary cocktails and plenty of sunshine. There is a common list of events companies usually choose to bring all of their people together. However, if you really want to grow your work family and make team bonding happen more organically try ditching the typical and go for a unique event aimed at fun and excitement rather than one that feels like just another day at the office.

A distinctly different way to dazzle your employees is to take them aboard a premier Party Charter Fishing Boat such as us here at The Celtic Quest! With an amazing day on the water, filled with fresh air and sunshine there is so much fun to be had onboard. From fishing for some of the most delectable species to catch, keep and later cook up at home, to just cruising around Long Island sound taking in all of the beautiful scenery, landscapes and marine life that stop by and say hello, your employees will be sure to have a blast. 

Also, consider an evening sunset cruise for your team!  Starting with magnificently beautiful sunsets filled with vibrant colours painted perfectly between water and sky and ending with a relaxing evening a dancing and good cheer, these trips are some of the most popular company outings we do. You can keep any event as light and airy as you’d like or go for a more elegant dinner and dancing cruise. Whether fishing for night timekeepers or, dancing on the top deck, doing either under a clear sky full of stars will surely enhance the ambience and captivate your audience. 

There is a lot to be said for coordinating and being a part of your teams memorable experiences. It really brings everyone closer together and makes them feel like a family. We really hope you consider any of the many options available here at Celtic Quest when you’re planning your next event! 

For more information, you can reach us on the office line, (631) 928-3926, and we will help you envision your perfect occasion on the water, whether night or day!