The season is off to an incredible start!

Not only did we have some great fishing in Jamesport, with limit catches on almost every trip but, to add to the fun, Port Jefferson fishing has been on fire!

It has been years since we have seen this volume of porgies off Port Jeff, especially this early in the season. The fish are ranging from Port Jeff all the way past Rocky Point, and the size has been excellent as well.

Really remarkable to witness such a massive volume of scup that have come into Long Island Sound! Reports like the one below have been the norm!

Fishing has been so good in PJ that we are actually doing something that we haven’t done for quite some time, bringing the boat home early from Jamesport and back to PJ to capitalize on this run!

We also have our usual half-day schedule starting this weekend as well if that is more to your liking.

Passenger counts are still restricted to insure everyone’s comfort and safety, so please make sure you reserve your spot in advance as many trips do sell out.

Thanks for reading my friends and hope to see you at the rail soon!

Capt Des