5 Reasons Why Fishing is a Great Family Experience

“The single most important factor in our long-term happiness is the relationships we have with our family and close friends.” 

— Clayton M. Christensen


Spring, Summer and Fall in New York is the time to be out enjoying the amazing weather and beautiful coastal geography that Long Island has to offer. This is not the time for kids to be sitting around watching TV or playing games on their Ipads or Switch. In the future their memories of warm days should be filled with fun things that can be done together as a family. One of the best family activities that has been going on for generations all over the world is fishing. 

Listed below are 5 reasons why families should fish during the late Spring, Summer and early Fall.

  1. Developing connections – Fishing gives us time to put down the iPads and laptops, switch off the television and creates the opportunity to enjoy some old fashioned, light hearted conversation and catching up in the fresh air enjoying the sea breeze. This much sought after activity encourages laughter, excitement and is a great way to spend quality time with family. There is something about the serenity of a quiet fishing spot which bonds families with relaxed conversation.
  2. Bonding with family – As children grow older, it gets more difficult for parents to convince the kids to plan a time with them, so to work with this situation, fishing can be the ideal choice. This timeless activity can be enjoyed by all age groups because it is said that you never grow out of fishing – you grow into it. If you are fishing with younger kids, then include them into the process of learning about fish, the environment, how to put bait on the hook, as this will not only teach your kids valuable life lessons such as patience, preparation and persistence but the excitement and joy on your child’s face after the first catch is truly going to be priceless. Family time on the water creates the fondest of memories. Not to mention great photo opps! The fresh air, the sense of adventure and beautiful scenery are more than enough to create happy memories. Children have a lot of fun exploring new places, operating boats, working as a team to catch fish and all this creates stronger bonds.
  3. Easily accessible and full of relaxation – Fishing is such a versatile activity that you can find innumerable places to fish around you. (of course, we want you to join us at Celtic Quest! Just click this link to contact us.) Whether it’s from the Jones Beach pier, the beach in Montauk, or jetties in Northport, on the banks of the Nissequogue river or Lake Ronkonkoma or in a Celtic Quest boat, fishing can be enjoyed with your loved ones. Fishing with family is all about relaxation, connection and enjoyment with friends and family. 
  4. Fishing helps kids stay on the right track – Fishing as a family gives self confidence to the kids, creates strong family bonds and the ability to focus on what is most important. Family! All these things when put together, help children and young adults to stay focused on the most important priorities as they navigate their way through the many challenges that life throws at them. Young people do tend to go through alot while growing up, so if they learn to have strong connections with their parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family, along with open conversations, then they will have no problem in working together when things get tough. 
  5. Fishing with family teaches everyone patience – The art of fishing requires patience and what better skill is there than that? In a world, where information is easily accessible on your finger tips, patience is a tough thing for children to learn. The best place for them to learn this important life lesson is with a fishing pole in hand and family side by side. The next time you take your family out for fishing, make sure to explain the importance of patience to them, because we could all use a little patience and relaxation in our lives.

We truly believe that a focused personal investment in your children and family are much more important to them than any toy or gadget you buy for them and this is the reason why fishing should become an important part of everyone’s quality family time.

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